Sea Clown Sailing Circus 2021 Calendar!

Our way to keep you company while raising money for our next projects!

Join the Quest towards Utopia, that meeting place where people with different abilities, talents, ages or origins can meet to share a dream, a project, an idea. A year in company of the Sea Clowns and the Greek sea, with the photos of our SummerTour2020, monthly ”missions” and quotes to to inspire you everyday!

The calendar is available in digital version for a pay-what-you-want donation, or printed starting from 10 euro (15 euro donation suggested) plus shipping. If you’re in Patras or Athens write us a private message to get it, if not you can buy it on our crowdfunding page where you can also find the downloadable version.

You can decide how much to donate, you can also choose to became a monthly donor that will give you free access to future awesome stuffs!The money earned will go entirely to the Sea Clown Sailing Circus.

Thanks for the photos to the amazing • Nicola Zolin • and Ghislain Ramage ❤

Lot of smiles and fair winds! 🎪⛵️