Utopia Quest

Utopia is a quest around the idea that the future can still be changed. A new consciousness will direct us to become more responsible in our overspending of energy. Our motivation is to use only the necessary energy to our primary needs only with sustainable ways like solar panel, wind generators or human power dynamos. For this, an international team travels around Greece (the country were the original idea was consolidated based on the ancient philosophy, sciences, and the source of nearly all the contemporary technology) searching for a sustainable way of life and promoting positive change. Their name is « The seaclown circus » : Acrobats, musicians, jugglers, dancers and rope walkers. They make a living from their art, organising shows and workshops for all and in every social surrounding : streets, theaters, bars, circus spaces. And where people need it most like hospitals, prisons and refugee centers.

They are traveling on 2 completely energy efficient boats « Utopia and Sourloulou ». The wind and the sun are the only necessary elements needed to power. With these boats they travel from harbour to harbour since 10 years and try to spread the message of the « Utopia quest » Their team is open and changing, offering to the public of every race, social class and age, shows perpetually renewed and evolving. This summer 60 artists from 10 different nationalities ( uruguayans, americans, greeks, belgians, italians, spanish, canadians, french, english, alaskan, chilean, argentines, brazilians…) participated in the project ! They were here, to organize more then 20 different shows, around Greece. Always using the sun or bikes with dynamos, to light their shows, while transforming their boats to make them into a magical stage.