Our Mission?

Chasing Utopia!

Our philosophy :


We endeavour to bring valuable philosophical power into colourful and engaging shows. While looking into the mythical backgrounds of the lands and people we visit, we wish to restore the eternal language of poetry. Our mission is to bring positive change through art and interaction with the people and communities we encounter, inspiring engagement, laughter, and creativity. We hope to transport our vision wherever it may be most impactful and, with our performances and lifestyle, embody the fool in the courts of the medieval emperor; bringing attention to the questionable practices we observe in society, and offering a joyful context in which to consider them together.


Our challenge has always been to find playful and creative ways to share our philosophy and way of living. With new possibilities always on the horizon, our team are continuously provided with fresh projects and adventures. We are delighted to share what we’ve learned with each shore we visit, and with each person who stops to watch our show. The Sea Clowns offer a celebration of timeless wisdom, for an ageless audience in the vast and liquid public square of the planet.


Sailing is getting to know the world from the biggest continent on earth: the Sea. It is one of the oldest means of transportation and we believe should be accessible to every aspiring sailor. Fluid and inclusive participation is encouraged, thus our crew list is open and constantly in flux, helping to popularise our lifestyle and reawaken the sailing practice. Our wish is to give the Sea back to the people as a public good, rather than a privilege.


Choosing fair and sustainable practices such as sailing, rowing, cycling and solar energy, we try to maintain a mindful relationship with the ecosystems we come in contact with. While living communally on our small fleet of restored boats, we embrace recycling, repairing and re-using as a way of living, striving to have a regenerative effect on the planet and leave no harm in our wake.

Our Captains

Chumi Captain Muchos

Acrobat – Juggler – Clown – Musician – Skipper – Actor

Fred Normal

Admiral Captain – Clown – Juggler – Acrobat – Musician – Director


Captain – Clown – Juggler – Acrobat – Musician – Mermaid


Captain – Dancer – Juggler – Acrobat – Musician


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