Back in lesvos and preparing for our show in big theater. With more than 50 people on stage and many for the first time. Singing, dancing, giant puppets, stiltwalking heros, trapeeze and silks, and so much more.
The performers range from 3-60+ years of age and from many different countries. Everyone has their own story and we will sing together the oldest story, about Gilgamesh and how he uses his great power to concuer nature and chase imortality through material wealth. We end by showing that the same story hase been playing for at least 5000 years and that we need to stop giving our lives to build towers for the rich and powerful. Opera Babel, our group of players speak many different languages, but the theme of the show is to understand each other and create a world based on balance and harmony.

We are preparing a crowd funding campain so that we can keep our art free for everyone. You’ll get soon an indiegogo invitation. Please share – thank you!

Opera Babel
22/02/2017 – 19:00


Balance and Harmony FESTIVAL
9-12 June


Ortsa Orchestra Live
Πεμπτη 5/5 22:00

Μουσικό Καφενείο, Μυτηλίνη



Sea Clown Circus

Ερασιτεχνικός Φιλοτεχνικός Όμιλος Μυτιλήνης
Τρίτη 16/02/2016 – 7:30μμ
ατζημιχαήλ Θεόφιλου 11 Μυτιλήνη, Greece




Ortsa Orchestra & Friends

live @ Bobiras
17/12/2015 22:00
22 Kominaki St, 81100 Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece




Utopia Quest

Performing arround the refuge camps and schools & theaters in Mytilini & Lesvos the whole January
For more information:
tel. 6939266625