The Sea Clowns & Esperantos

The Sea Clown Sailing Circus and Esperantos Water Culture are thrilled to come together for the first time to present an all new project, the creation of a Voyaging Nautical Venue!
A new creative space for sharing sustainable living practices and acrobatic artistry with shoreside communities throughout Greece.

We have the boat, now we need your help to get it Ship Shape and ready for a circus show! The catamaran style makes it a perfect size for a floating stage, however, a few adjustments are needed for her transformation to a seafaring circus Big Top.


Boat Circus Show

Sea Clown Sailing Circus | Το πρώτο διεθνές ιστιοπλοϊκό τσίρκο στη Σκόπελο

Το πρώτο διεθνές ιστιοπλοϊκό τσίρκο στις ελληνικές θάλασσες έδεσε και στο λιμάνι Σκοπέλου, σκορπίζοντας ελπίδα και ευτυχία μέσα από την τέχνη!


Seaclowns 2022

Seaclowns 2022 🎪Artistic Winds⛵
Our new calender is here!
Take the seaclowns home with you for the whole year. Great gift idea for christmas🎄🎁.
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The island-hopping circus crew reimagining a life at sea

The Sea Clowns journey from port to port, bringing their unique act with them wherever they dock. For the ocean-dwelling collective, it’s part of a mission to spread knowledge and laughter, all while remaining committed to an unshackled, freewheeling existence.

The sun is burning brightly over the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea as three small boats appear on the horizon. They’ve been trying – and failing – to link up ever since they set sail from their respective winter resting places. Sailing without engines and placing themselves at the mercy of the fickle winds, it’s been a grueling week for the three crews of the Sea Clown Sailing Circus: stopping in safe harbours only at midnight, then casting off at the first break of light. But now the three brightly painted vessels have united at last, a few nautical miles out from their final destination, the island of Paxos. The mood is ecstatic.

Valkirie, painted with blue spirals, weaves between the other two boats, passing so close that the crews can throw tambourines and other musical instruments to each other – which they all begin to play together frantically, hollering as they do so. As Paxos’ small port comes into view, the three vessels race to reach its small mouth first, which works out like a nail-biting game of nautical chicken. After managing to avoid grounding on the seabed or colliding with the huge rocks stacked to protect the port, the three boats tie up and their clown crews disembark. As they begin unloading trumpets, accordions, unicycles and juggling equipment, the puzzled looks on the faces of the locals reveal they’re not quite sure what to expect from this motley band of sailors. But then, neither do the clowns themselves.

For the last 15 years, the Sea Clown Sailing Circus has been following whichever path the winds take it. Each summer, a group of around 20 performers – acrobats, musicians, clowns and jugglers – set sail to perform free shows for locals and tourists on islands across the Aegean and Ionian Seas. From port to port, they never fail to make an impression, drawing huge crowds to their seaborne circus spectacular.

The collective is based in Greece but its roots go back decades and extend across the Atlantic Ocean, with co-founders hailing from Uruguay and the United States. Fred Normal, for instance, was born in Alaska. As soon as he was able, he joined a small “home-made circus” that travelled the length and breadth of America in cars, buses and trucks, performing in major cities such as Chicago, New York and Seattle.


At sea with the nomadic clowns who have sailed the Med for 15 years

Part-floating circus, part-nomadic community: The Sea Clown Sailing Circus is a fully-realized exercise in an alternative way of living. Photographer Nicola Zolin clambers aboard for an insight into the world of the Sea Clowns.

Every summer, the ritual repeats. Street artists, acrobats and musicians from all over the world arrive, with backpacks full of instruments, gear, colorful clothes and enthusiasm, to join the Sea Clown Sailing Circus: A nomadic circus crew that’s been sailing the Mediterranean for the last 15 years.


Sea Clown Sailing Circus 2021 Calendar!

Our way to keep you company while raising money for our next projects!

Join the Quest towards Utopia, that meeting place where people with different abilities, talents, ages or origins can meet to share a dream, a project, an idea. A year in company of the Sea Clowns and the Greek sea, with the photos of our SummerTour2020, monthly ”missions” and quotes to to inspire you everyday!

The calendar is available in digital version for a pay-what-you-want donation, or printed starting from 10 euro (15 euro donation suggested) plus shipping. If you’re in Patras or Athens write us a private message to get it, if not you can buy it on our crowdfunding page where you can also find the downloadable version.

You can decide how much to donate, you can also choose to became a monthly donor that will give you free access to future awesome stuffs!The money earned will go entirely to the Sea Clown Sailing Circus.

Thanks for the photos to the amazing • Nicola Zolin • and Ghislain Ramage ❤

Lot of smiles and fair winds! 🎪⛵️


Show time at Stavros, Ithaca

Show time tonight 6th of August at Kafeneio ‘To Kentro’ in Stavros, Ithaca! At 21:00 we wait you there!


Show time at Vathi, Ithaka

Tonight 28/7/2020*20:00 at statue of Odysseus we wait for you in Vathi, Ithaka. Whit the best music, acrobatics, juggling and a lot of fun!!!!!


Open Call for Erasmus Project

As a sailing circus, we strongly believe that one of the best ways to educate is through art.

This project is therefore a non-formal initiative aiming to access specific knowledge about climate change, marine biodiversity loss and soil consumption, while exploring educational tools (storytelling, physical theatre, clownerie,..) in order for the gained knowledge to be disseminated and to encourage other young people to take initiative for this matter.

For this purpose, we plan to enhance and reinforce the competences of 15 professional circus artists and educators that are already interested in ecological issues education, to put them together to share the difficulties that we face when we want to speak about something so complex through our art, researching how to implement knowledge in circus movement, using metaphores, images, athmosphere or creating characters, with the aim of having a clear transmission of the knowledge fully integrated in the circus performance and its interactons.

All this will happen in 13 days, from 29 september to 11 october, in the beautiful town of Patras (Greece), with a facilitator that will guide us in the autorganization of creation process.

It will end with 4 days sailing on the Sea Clowns boats around the Ionian sea spreading the results in the format of a show.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+: accomodation, meals and activties are free of charge for the partecipants, the travel costs will be refunded after the project.

We search participants from Greece, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.
Application form for partecipants–>

The call closes on 7 August, the results will be known few weeks after.
In case of further covid lockdowns the Project will be held in Spring 2021.

Thanks to our amazing partners for making this possible!